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A brand dedicated in producing the finest quality sporting goods available, at a competitive price. We are a young and ambitious brand who break the mould with our innovative designs and premium finish products, our ethos revolves around providing a professional service along with an internationally recognised product that has had an incredible response within the sports industry.  

Our first product, The Black Cat 1’s launched in December 2020 and soon grew to become our most popular glove. Currently worn by top athletes in 4 different countries and numerous different leagues such as the Serie B youth league & the professional development league. We have set ourselves to compete with the top brands in providing sportswear which is of an elite standard in quality, comfort, and detail accompanied with unbeatable prices. We endeavour to provide a completely professional service along with a distinguished product, trusted globally.  

Genesis has worked closely with high level athletes in order to provide the best possible product in the contemporary market. We have constantly adapted in response to professional analysis, allowing for only the highest grade of products to be released right from the very beginning. Our commitment to quality has led us to an astounding amount of positive feedback. Join team Genesis and become part of a new age of sportswear. 



What is your return policy?

As our customer you are within your consumer rights to return any of our products within 2 weeks of receiving your purchase. The product must be in original condition along with its original packaging, when contacting about a return or exchange please have a valid receipt present.

What are your payment methods?

We are only accepting trusted online payments platforms such as PayPal and visa Debit.

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